Does the AI Dream of Falling in Love? / Rulie Cisse & Tia Rungray

Release Date: 05/02/2016

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“Does the AI Dream of Falling in Love?”


Does the AI Dream of Falling in Love? / Rulie Cisse & Tia Rungray

01. Rulie to Tia (Live Streaming Recording)

02. Tia to Rulie (Live Streaming Recording)

03. Coming Out of A Dream (Live Streaming Recording)



Event Organizer: Bananafish Boa

Visual Effects & Stage Design: Kerupa Flow

Streaming Recording: Natsu Sosa

Mastering: Takayuki Noami


Explanation for the Album:

Live Streaming Performance in Virtual World (Second Life)

“Does the AI dream of Falling in Love?”

Streaming Bitrate: MP3-256kbps



Rulie Cisse (Piano)

Tia Rungray (Noise Piano)


Recording Date:

02/20/2016 (Sat.)

at: Grandblue/81/106/25 (in Second Life)