obscure codex / mondfish

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Release Date: June 26th, 2015


Price: ¥900 / Album







“The sound which is spun from a wet note being turned over at insomnious night.”


obscure codex / mondfish

01. S.P

02. Chebucabra

03. sleepless

04. seagulls

05. closer

06. dot/sq


Music: mondfish

Mastering: Tia Rungray

Art Director: Sayumi Higo


Translation: arnika


About “mondfish”

sabachthaniのフロントマンであるkaetsu takahashiと、アンビエント・ノイズミュージシャンであるyorihisa tauraによって結成されたユニット。アンビエント、ドローン、ノイズ、電子音響、シューゲイズ、クラシカル、現代音楽、クラウトロック、ニューウェイヴ等、古今東西の音楽を内包しながら、ジャンル分類不可能な楽曲を制作している。楽曲制作の過程は、ウェブ上でのやり取りのみである。




This is the unit which was formed by kaetsu takahashi and yorihisa taura, the former person is a front man of sabachthani and the latter is ambient noise musician.
As involving drone, noise, electronic, shoegaze, classical, and contemporary music, kraut-rock, new wave, and other music of all ages and countries, it produces the musical pieces impossible of genre classification.
The process of production is done only through exchanges on the Web.

The live concerts are completely comprised of improvisation and the performances are without being bound by prescribed phrase and rhythm.
The two of members are guitarists, but often operate a laptop and a chaos pad.
In addition, sometimes there is chances to team up with VJ and a guest musician.

Other than live concert activities, diversified activities are carried out such as the split album with the German artist and to supply musical pieces to video works.